big switch

OpenStack Neutron Lovebomb at NFD10

When you hear a specific term pedestaled as a discussion point from a wide variety of industry leaders, it’s probably something of importance, and something you should know about. During the recent Networking Field Day (NFD10), I noticed a handful of these persisting terms and technologies repeated throughout the event.

Terms like agility and elasticity make me cringe, yet they’re entirely relevant in todays conversations around design and delivery of information services, networking included. (more…)

Big Switch Labs – A Playground for Big Minds

When I was chosen as a delegate for the recent Tech Field Day event (NFD10) and learned that Big Switch Networks would be presenting, I had no idea who they were or what to expect. I spent some time reading up and watching a few videos to get a better understanding of the technology, but still felt like I had gaps in comprehension. Big Switch then sent an email informing me of their lab environment called BSNLabs. I dove in and swam around for a few hours, consuming enlightenment with each doggie paddle. If you have 3 minutes to spare, I’ll do my best to quickly explain why Big Switch is cool, and how you can test drive it yourself. (more…)