Using Ansible and NetBox to deploy EVPN on Arista

Ansible, Nornir, and other automation frameworks are excellent for generating and deploying configurations in an automated fashion. In Ansible, you can run a playbook, loop through hosts in your inventory file, and deploy configurations with host-specific information by leveraging host_vars and group_vars. Unfortunately, as your automation environment starts to grow and become more critical, you’ll find that managing inventory files and host variables in multiple tools becomes cumbersome and prone to errors. Is ServiceNow correct or Ansible? Is SolarWinds correct or Cloud Vision Portal? Does my Ansible inventory include all of my Data Center switches or did we add any new ones since I last executed this playbook? Was this spreadsheet ever merged with our IPAM, and which is accurate? Why is my production switch configured for a VLAN not documented anywhere else? Inconsistencies in critical data like this is a thorn in an engineers life – causing issues, wasting time and resources, and resulting in inefficiencies by requiring duplicate manually-entered data across disparate systems. Enter NetBox.