Cisco Live 2014, here I come!

Although I’m not a NetVet, this will be my fourth attendance, and I’m stoked for this year’s Cisco Live in San Fran”Cisco”!  I’ll be doing shots (of espresso) throughout the conference to keep up with the insane amount of information streaming through my skull.  Feel free to join me.

Here’s a glimpse of my schedule.  It’s mostly Data Center focused (of course), but I’m also dabbling in some other work-related sessions, such as MPLS, RF, and CUBE SBC.



I’ll be present at the Sunday TBD tweetup, courtesy of  at Tom Hollingsworth NetworkingNerd.  You can find me at the Social Media Hub at random occasions as well.

Monday night World of Solutions opens.  (Free beer!)

Tuesday night is INE Rewired

Wednesday night Customer Appreciation Event with Imagine Dragons and Lenny Kravitz.

Thursday night is… does it really matter at this point?

Overall, I hope to drill the engineers, learn a few new tricks, meet some new friends and maybe win something besides a screaming monkey or oversized t-shirt.  See you there!

David Varnum


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