Becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Architecting for the cloud is becoming a highly desired skill set. Working as a consultant, I’m often in situations where clients are overwhelmed with questions about the cloud. How do I migrate my applications? How do I secure everything? How does it integrate with LDAP and DNS? What’s the best way to connect to the cloud? Will I need to rewrite my applications? How do I manage costs? While some of these vague questions can be answered with regurgitated marketing material, I feel a sense of duty to understand and explain these concepts at a deeper level. Some clients I work with already have a significant presence in the Cloud. Other clients have various pools of cloud resources and are looking to rationalize or provide a strategy around optimizing the sprawling resources. Because of recent exposure to cloud over the past couple of years, and due to the demand for practical knowledge of cloud architecture, a rigorous education program became an obvious next step for my career.  At the beginning of 2019, I made a goal to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. As of May 3rd, 2019 – that goal is achieved!