How to move a UCS Blade from one chassis to another

I’ve been in this situation a few times now, where I need to move a physical production UCS blade from one chassis to another.  It can make you nervous, worried that your server won’t come back up properly after the relocation.  What if the network configuration changes, what about storage, what about the OS?!  Rest assured, this is quite an easy procedure.  If you can bake a cake, you can relocate a UCS blade. (more…)

Configuring WWxN Pools in UCS

In UCS we can create these things called WWxN pools.  The “x” in WWxN can stand for either “N” node, or “P” port.  This is essentially a pool that you can use for all of your WWN assignments without having to create separate WWNN and WWPN pools.  For people who don’t necessarily care about a schema to signify the difference between WWNN and WWPN, maybe the streamlined WWxN pool is for you. (more…)

Mixing SATA and SSD in Same B-Series UCS Server

Here are the basic steps I took to configure 2 local ATA disks in a RAID1 and 2 local SSD disks stand-alone on a single B440-M2:

Since we have 2 SATA drives and 2 SSD drives in the same server, we need to make sure NOT to configure a Local Disk Configuration Policy.  This one through me for a bit, since this is the preferred way to handle RAID configuration when the same disk-types are present.  If you have varying disk types, you need to manually configure your disks. (more…)