Arista BGP EVPN – Configuration Example

This is a follow-up to my previous article, Arista BGP EVPN Overiew and Concepts. In the previous article, I discussed some terminologies and behavior of EVPN and the reason why EVPN is valuable in Data Center and Campus networks. Since then, I’ve learned how valuable it is in Service Provider networks as well, but I’ll save that for another day. In this article, I want to walk through a configuration example.

In this topology, we have 2 Spines and 8 Leafs. Each pair of Leafs will form a VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint (VTEP). We will start with the initial configuration of underlay components, such as MLAG and underlay BGP. Next, we’ll configure the EVPN overlay and VTEPs. Lastly, I’ll give an example configuration of L2VXLAN (EVPN Type-2) and L3VXLAN (EVPN Type-5). While most of this configuration will function in production networks, I highly advise first building something out virtually to do testing (GNS3, Vagrant, what-have-you). I won’t be covering special use cases or every possible configuration parameter, but hopefully this is a good start to get you going on to super deep dives.

I’ll have a complete configuration workbook attached at the end of this blog.

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What you need to know about Riverbed’s SD-WAN

At the recent Tech Field Day event (NFD10), Riverbed announced it’s entry into the SD-WAN market with it’s new solution currently dubbed Project Tiger. This threw me off guard, for I typically think of Riverbed as an APM or WanOp solution sitting between my Data Centers and large branch sites, optimizing particular traffic. I never conceived the possibility that Riverbed would enter a market dominated by edge routers. Oh, but one should not be so foolish. Riverbed certainly isn’t. With bold statements like, “The future of the WAN is NOT … a router,” it seems that Riverbed is prepared for disruption. (more…)

Upgrade SAN-OS to NX-OS

I recently purchased a pair of MDS 9216i switches for my CCIE Data Center studies, as they will suit me for the majority of my storage studies (minus FCoE). The MDS’s shipped with old code, SAN-OS 3.0, and I needed them upgraded to at least NX-OS per the blueprint. For a lab with disruptive capabilities, this is super easy to do. (more…)

Unable to access Wireless LAN Controller after CLI initial setup

When running through the initial configuration of my new Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), I unknowingly left my management vlan id untagged. Once I racked and patched the WLC on the corporate network to continue configuration I was not able to reach it, couldn’t even ping it. To get access to the WLC I added this to the trunk port configured for the controller (more…)